What does a treatment look like at Rejuvenate

How does a hyperbaric oxygen treatment look like? On this page you can read what to expect during a visit to our oxygen room.

Prior to a treatment session

A treatment session takes about 75 minutes, we recommend that you go to the bathroom prior to the treatment. In addition, it is important to be sober, and you are not allowed to smoke at least 2 hours before the treatment for safety and hygiene reasons.

We recommend not wearing tight-fitting jewelry during treatment. In our hyperbaric oxygen tank (which can accommodate up to 4 people) you may be sharing the treatment with someone else. Feel free to bring your phone or laptop and use the available audio and video system to watch Netflix, for example.

During a treatment session

Before treatment begins, you will be explained about the hyperbaric oxygen tank and handed and explained the oxygen mask (or nasal cannula) that will be used during treatments. After the session, we will keep the mask for you. This is your personal mask, used only by you.

Once you are installed, the hyperbaric chamber is closed and the pressure buildup begins. This feeling can best be described like a “dive underwater” or a take-off in an airplane. Some pressure on the ears may be felt for a short period of time. To remedy this, the hyperbaric chamber operator explains various techniques before treatment begins. During the descent, the temperature inside the hyperbaric oxygen tank rises. It can therefore be comfy to wear a sweater or vest, which can be easily removed during the session.

Once the desired pressure is reached, the mask is put on, and you can begin breathing in 100% oxygen. Once the treatment is complete, the pressure is reduced again. This will take about 10 minutes,where the ears must be re-cleared. As the pressure drops, the temperature in the hyperbaric chamber will decrease, making it colder.

You will be followed throughout the treatment session by the operator, who can always intervene if necessary.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Rejuvenate

Following a treatment session

After the treatment, you can continue your day normally.