Oxygen therapy Amsterdam

Rejuvenate offers oxygen therapy in Amsterdam. Oxygen therapy is an innovative treatment for various complaints and conditions. With our oxygen therapy in Amsterdam, 100% pure oxygen is inhaled, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma.

This stimulates tissue repair, the production of stem cells and collagen, and strengthens the immune system. Discover the power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the heart of Amsterdam at Rejuvenate, for a vital and healthy life.

How do you undergo oxygen therapy in Amsterdam?

When you choose oxygen therapy at Rejuvenate in Amsterdam, we welcome you to our facility at Spaarndamseweg 88 in Haarlem. At each visit, you will take a seat in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is a special room where the pressure and oxygen amount are carefully regulated.

During each session, the pressure in the oxygen chamber is gradually increased. While wearing a nasal mask, you breathe in pure oxygen. The combination of increased pressure and extra oxygen intake results in significantly increased oxygen levels in your body. Discover the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Rejuvenate in Amsterdam.

The effects of oxygen therapy in Amsterdam

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly increases the available oxygen in your body, possibly up to 12 times more than under normal conditions.

These increased oxygen levels have several positive effects on your health by speeding up various processes. Healing processes, such as wound healing, will be increased in this way. In addition, more new blood vessels are formed, and stem cells become more active thanks to the extra oxygen supply.

In addition, some bacteria experience an aversion to oxygen, which can lead to the inhibition of specific inflammation. Discover the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its positive impact on your health.

Oxygen Therapy Amsterdam Rejuvenate

How can oxygen therapy be used?

Various processes are accelerated by the presence of extra oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is suitable for:




Recovery after sports exercise


Bleeding-through problems


Brain injury after oxygen deprivation


Acute hearing loss


Chronic pain


Wound healing (diabetics)


Overall well-being

Where can you find us?

Our location at Spaarndamseweg 88 in Haarlem is easily accessible from Amsterdam.

Are you going by car? Take the A10 or the A5 and then the A200, follow the signs to Haarlem-Centrum/Haarlem-Spaarnwoude. From Amsterdam, it is about a 30-minute drive, depending on traffic.

Are you going by public transportation? You can take the train from Amsterdam Central to Haarlem. Get off at Haarlem station, and catch bus line 14 towards Delftplein. Get off at the Rozenhagenstraat stop. Our location is within walking distance of the bus stop.